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Protect your most important cards

For many years, cash has been the primary method of payment, but the advent of electronic payment has evolved over the past 30 years and has brought many changes. All modern cards such as debit cards, credit cards and travel cards contain a chip to enable wireless communication. This technology increases convenience, but also increases the risks. So this new digital era requires a new type of wallet. We introduce you: The Valenta Card Case Wallet. The wallet that protects your cards and bills, but also your privacy.

What is RFID?                                                                                                                       

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is the wireless communication that takes place when you hold one of your cards in front of a card reader. Anyone who uses this modern technology uses RFID. It's very useful; you don't have to take your cards out of your wallet to pay or check in on public transportation, but it also comes with risks. It gives criminals the opportunity to use this technique against you. Without noticing it, unprotected cards from a distance of one meter in your pocket or bag can be read and activated, for example to force a payment.

How do you protect your most important passes?

The Aluminum Cardprotector from Valenta protects your cards against this kind of unwanted RFID communication, also known as skimming. The Aluminum Card Protector is the soul of all our card holders and wallets. The aluminum housing prevents the penetration of unwanted radio waves, keeping you out of reach of digital pickpockets. This guarantees your privacy.