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Happy Valentine's day!

Are you looking for a gift for Valentine's day? Check out our website for leather phone cases, handbags, wallets and more!
Use VALENTINE2019 to get 20% discount. The code can be used until Valentine's Day.

Valenta Booklet Classic Phone Cases

The Valenta Booklet Classic brings back the classic design with style. The Valenta Classic Booklet case is made of genuine leather and protects your mobile phone completely from scratches and dust.

We have made a great couple of Booklets for the new iPhone X and XS. And ofcourse the booklet for the Samsung S9 and S9+ are available! For a full list of available Booklet Phone Cases, click here

Valenta Shoulderbag

Valenta’s Leather Bag is a capacious, leather bag that can be both hold by hand and carried on your shoulder (with the detachable shoulder strap). Inside the bag you’ll find a number of compartments in which you can hold your tablet, papers, accessories and laptop. The zipper on the handbag keeps your gear and valuables safely stored. There is a second compartment on the frontside of the bag, which also can be closed by a zipper. The handbag can be placed upright by using the two rubber feet on the bottom.

The Valenta Leather Bag is made of 100% natural and durable leather. Click here to check 'em all out.