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The Infamous Belt Case

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The infamous Belt Case

An ideal way to carry your Smartphone without your pants being shaped by the size of the device.

It is 2002 and humanity is now using mobile phones en masse. Phone stores are popping up like mushrooms. Unprecedented that mobile calling without a wire. Brands such as Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson are the market leaders at the time. Valenta was born to provide a solution to contribute and protect your mobile and applied it for all brands. In this time we offered 2 solutions: the zipper case, which fits perfectly around your specific device and the Belt Case for the belt. This belt pouch (as it is called today) was a universal solution and was attached to your belt with a loop or a clip. Because the devices were quite thick at the time, it was a perfect way to carry your device out of sight, except in the summer :) Especially the people in various executive sectors; such as painters, street workers, police and many other professions have their Smartphone attached to the belt.

We mainly produced leather belt pouches at that time. We had 3 sizes and all but a few fit, like the Nokia Communicator 9000. But even that size made Valenta.

Evolution from Mobile Phone to Smartphone

In 2007 came the iPhone 3G. Wow, a device without buttons! The candy bar (phone with keys) quickly ran out. The Smartphone just took that place. The smartphone is thinner, smarter, but also more susceptible to damage. What happened to our belt pouches? We sold fewer, because there was more demand for book cases and insert sleeves. Despite that, the infamous fanny pack has never been lost. The sizes have expanded enormously over the years to 4XL, 5XL and 6XL. They look like American clothing sizes. The belt covers are still there, they are often linked to the older user, something like: your Nokia 6310 is dead, now you have to use the Smartphone.

Habituation and convenience

The wearers of the waist bag are often people who have been using a belt pouch for years and also want this for their new Smartphone. These people are totally convinced of the convenience of the belt cover.

It would be cool if the Belt Case came back into fashion. Maybe if a well-known Celebrity joins us. If that's you, let us know.

Belt Cases are getting bigger!

The Smartphones are getting bigger and it is an ideal way to carry your Smartphone without your pants being shaped by the size of the device. Fortunately, Valenta goes along with this evolution and we have a wonderful range of belt cases. The belt cases have been in our collection for 20 years and that is quite special.