Who are we
We are Sander & Natascha Vos and are the owners of Valenta. Married in 1998 and always wanted to become entrepreneurs. In 2002 we got the chance to start a company together. Together with our parents we started, from their home, with the garage as a logistics center and the kitchen table as our desk and a growing toddler.

In 2002, phone cases were not popular and trendy at all. In addition, the phone cases were largely of poor quality. When we started Valenta with a producer from the Ukraine, we saw an opportunity to make better quality.

After conducting thorough market research, it turned out that there was indeed a need for better quality and a nicer design. A year later, our Valenta covers were in 150 stores and the garage and bedrooms were overflowing with covers. We grew bigger, so we had to take new steps by moving to business premises. What a fun exciting new phase.

Mobile Lifestyle
In 2008, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G and we have grown so fast because of our insert covers or Pockets. Today the competition is cutthroat, but we remain close to our hearts and always keep developing. Our vision is to be a brand for your 'mobile lifestyle'. Almost everyone has a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. We want to make sure you have functional, beautiful accessories to protect your devices while identifying yourself with the beautiful products.

More than just a brand
With our enormous wealth of knowledge in quality, design, production and our worldwide network in sales, we offer a unique concept to consumers, retailers, distributors and business customers. In addition to our expertise, we are much more than just a brand. Through our positive outlook and passion for life, we also try to give back to humanity by supporting charities. Our focus group is the poor, widows and orphans. This is what really drives us.

Our dream is that Valenta will be known by every consumer.