Back Cover Frost MagSafe Black Galaxy S24
Back Cover Frost MagSafe Black Galaxy S24
Back Cover Frost MagSafe Black Galaxy S24
Back Cover Frost MagSafe Black Galaxy S24
Back Cover Frost MagSafe Black Galaxy S24

Samsung S24

Back Cover Frost MagSafe Black Galaxy S24

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The new Frost Series Back Cover for Samsung S24 is a practical phone case with a beautiful, modern design, timeless color, luxurious feel and finally the first case that allows you to use your MagSafe accessories on a Samsung phone!


MagSafe now available for Samsung Covers

This case comes with MagSafe so you can finally use your favorite MagSafe accessories also with your new Samsung S24. The state-of-the-art N52 grade magnets that are integrated into the Frost Series covers are incredibly thin, to keep the thickness added to your phone to a minimum, while still having enough force to securely attach your MagSafe accessories like fully loaded card protectors to the back of your phone cover.

Modern Design

The smokey colored Frost Series cases have a modern design. With this smoke-colored translucent back cover you can still see the clean design and color of your phone shimmer through while the edges of your phone are safely covered in timeless anthracite black.


With both the frame and the back of the cover made of flexible materials your phone is not just perfectly covered from scratches and scrapes, but also can take one or the other bump in daily use. The edges of the frame go slightly around the front corners, making the cover firmly stick to your phone while still leaving your screen completely visible.

The ideal fit

The Frost Series back cover precisely adheres to the shape of your phone, making your phone sit tight and well secured in your cover. The lean aluminium buttons sit neatly in the frame, making them durable, usable and covering the buttons of your phone well.

Luxurious feel

The matt finish of our Frost Series back covers doesn’t only look good, it also feels good in your hand. The sanded surface gives the case a soft feel while together with the TPU frame gives you a good grip on your phone. Additionally, the rounded corners make sure your phone feel comfortable in your hands.



  • Timeless, anthracite black color
  • Frost series smoke-colored back
  • Compatible with MagSafe accessories
  • Flexible TPU frame
  • Thin aluminium buttons
  • Perfect fit for Samsung S24